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Dr. Tammy Cline

Board Member
Principal Creative Director

Tammy Cline is a certified art educator and arts-based creativity researcher with over 16 years of teaching experience.

She earned her doctorate and master’s degrees in art education from the University of Georgia. Her research, conducted in the US and China, examines the origins and nature of barriers to creativity within an educational context. Her bachelor’s degree in art is from Kennesaw State University. Artistically, she explores the ideas of ethnography and narrative through photography.

Dr. Cline is active in her field and has presented at a number of state, national, and international conferences. As a member of the American Educational Research Association, she is involved in Divison-K Teaching and Teacher Education, the Arts Based Educational Research Group, and the Elliot Eisner group where she serves as secretary on their leadership team. She is also a member of the National Art Educators Association.

Higher education has always been important to Dr. Cline. She believes in the value of pursuing knowledge and experience as a path to meaningful global connection and understanding.

She has four grown children who live in different states and countries. Colton, her oldest son holds a master’s degree in Divinity. Kyle, her middle son, is an independent business owner who also holds a specialized trade school certification in motorcycle mechanics and engineering. Her youngest are twin girls. Natasha holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and intends on pursuing a master’s degree in speech/language pathology. Natalie is currently in China earning her bachelor’s degree in Mandarin and Chinese Studies.

Dr. Cline’s passion is traveling the world. However, it is not the destinations that are important to her – it is the people she meets and the stories they share.

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