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What does it mean to partner with The Pan-American College Fund? We are looking to build peace and unity throughout the Americas with education as our tool of choice. We envision a day when we can travel freely throughout the Americas. If you live in Atlanta, GA and want to visit your family in Brazil, it will not be necessary to spend the next six months trying to organize legal documents so a government official can decide whether you can see your own Mother. Our geographical neighbors should be our largest partners. Unfortunately, that is quickly changing. It is wrong and we want to fix this problem.


If I own a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro and want my brother to work with me, spending all of my free time for the next year trying to obtain a work permit, a visa, and travel permission from two different governments will not be necessary. We are free. When one American country sees prosperity, we should be able to export prosperity to other nations without bureaucracy impeding our efforts.

We are free. Why is it so important to draw arbitrary lines that prevent free people from traveling or living where they believe it is best. Now, that doesn’t mean every person has a right to the benefits and/or obligations of being a citizen of that nation. Unity doesn’t destroy culture, it strengthens it. It builds empathy toward other people that most likely would not exist if they were not allowed to visit or work where they choose.

If you believe in our dream and would like to be part of our mission, let us show you how you can help. Corporations can make donations that will operate in perpetuity. Generations can be educated with one scholarship. We can show your company how to obtain intercultural awareness in 37 different countries in the Americas.

Are you a family foundation that would like to see your family name survive long after the current generation is no longer here? We can show you how to set up a scholarship that will apply to your Alma Mater and your family. Do you have family in Atlanta, Georgia and Sao Paulo, Brazil? Would you like to set up a scholarship that will unite those two cities? We can show you how to do this in a way that will change the life of thousands of people in your chosen cities and Universities.

If you have questions, please contact our Philanthropic Advisor, J. Todd Watkins, at or 678-525-5312. Let Todd show you how you can play a major role in changing the Americas in a way never dreamed possible.

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