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Do you really want to change the world?  Then you need to partner with us.  We are not just educating students.  This alone would be an admirable goal.  However, we are using education to develop empathy amongst all the Americas.  Why is empathy so important?  Because it creates understanding and cultural competency.  If your father dies, a lot of people will be able to sympathize with you because they understand what loss is.  But, if my father has also passed away, then I can empathize with you.  We have a common bond that promotes understanding between us.  This is what we are doing at The Pan-American College Fund.

Look at the above drawing.  These are people who have lived, worked, and studied in each other’s culture for several years.  They have a strong grasp of the adopted culture’s language.  They can empathize with each other.  They understand what it means to be part of each other’s culture.  They are not talking to strangers.  These are people who can solve problems.  This is how we change the world.

“Cultural Empathy requires an individual to live, work, or study in their adopted culture for at least a year and a strong grasp of the new language.”

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.
- Albert Einstein

You can send food, or you can educate a Farmer.  You can send medicine, or you can educate a Pharmacist.  You can send medical help; or you can educate a Doctor.  You can send a fish; or you can teach a man to fish.  We are teaching men to fish and live with one another.

Join us and let’s change the world.

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