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Scholarship Application

Our scholarship applications will be coming soon.  Right now, we are operating directly with universities and allowing them to lead the student selection committees.  Eventually, our goal is to have a selection committee that will allow students to apply directly to The Pan-American College Fund.  We will assist students in every aspect of their experience studying in a foreign culture.

We are in the process of developing a scholarship application that will allow students to apply directly with us.  Once that application has been developed, we will have the scholarship and instructions posted here.

For now, we are working with universities directly and allowing them to designate funding to eligible students.  Please check with your current University, or the University where you intend to apply to see if they can arrange funding through our scholarship program.

For now, if you are thinking about attending a foreign University, please have the Financial Aid office contact us and will work directly with the University.

If you are a potential Donor and would like to know how your contribution can be used toward your Alma Mater or a specific country and city, please contact us at…

Richard Pine (Vice-President)

J. Todd Watkins (Philanthropic Advisor)

Phone: 888-330-8118

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